License vs. HTML/Javascript Gadget

So I've been customizing my blog a little by adding some gadgets. That's how I got to know about the HTML/Javascript Gadget - provided by Blogger - allowing to add user provided HTML/Javascript code. So at first I thought it made the License Gadget I developed kind of useless.

I tried the HTML/Javascript Gadget and configured it using the CC provided code for a by-nc license and this is how it looked on this blog:

The License Gadget looks like this:

So text and image are not centered in the raw CC provided code, which would require user customization of the HTML code. On the other hand, style sheet settings are respected. So at some point I'll have to search out how to achieve it.

So I was happy to realize that my effort on developing the License Gadget were not only useful for learning (which was a primary reason to do it) but it actually provides some additional value over the HTML/Javascript Gadget.

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