Jack White takes development environment closer to production

I read in the news that Jack White performed the sound mix from his car during production for his 2014 album 'Lazaretto'.

I'm not the first one to reflect on Jack White's approach to music applied to software development. Basecamp guys already did.

You can check by yourself the results.


Git ahead

Almost since I started using git I found myself following the tip 'don't git pull, use git fetch and git merge'. I have found this tip useful specially to prevent unexpected disruptive changes to come to my local branch.

I used to fetch changes and take a look at incoming commits with the command:

git log <current branch>..origin/<current branch>

In my work environment, our git repo has grown quite a bit and the names of the branches have started to get longer and longer. Besides, I thought there should be a way to not have to tell git the name of the current branch, since it already knows its name. So I included this alias in my git configuration.

git config --global alias.ahead '!git log HEAD..$(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref --symbolic-full-name @{u})'

So now I can simply write git ahead after fetching from remote to get the log of incoming commits for the current branch I'm working on.